Aussieyarning Video Podcast Episode 1

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4 thoughts on “Aussieyarning Video Podcast Episode 1”

  1. Hi Joyce! Keep up the podcasting please. You’re wonderful. I’m older than you are, but I just watch podcasts, not make them. in fact I’m old enough to be your Mom. I turned 79 in April, and I’ve been knitting for 71 years now. My Gran taught me when I was a kid and I have never stopped. I am going to go watch #2 now. Heard about you on Fifikins!

  2. Hi Marya938, I am thrilled that you enjoyed my podcast and love the fact you are old enough to be my Mum, although you would have been a young 16 when it happened. lol.
    What sort of things do you knit? It would be great if you joined the Ravelry group and showed us your work.
    Thanks for being here
    Joyce 🙂

  3. Hi Joyce 🙂

    I remember Anne’s Lizard Ridge and the lovely yarn I got from you (and Anne) from Wollombi 🙂

    Are you still going to Wests? If so, please send my best wishes to the others there 🙂

    It was really nice “seeing” you again – will watch the next episodes later on.

    Best wishes,
    Anita (Denmark)

    1. Hi Anita

      So lovely to catch up with you. I presume you are back home now in Denmark? I am still going to Wests, but haven’t been for a few weeks. I will pass your greetings on to everyone on Monday.
      Thanks for sending your message to me.
      Joyce 🙂

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