Aussieyarning Video Podcast Episode 2

This video doesn’t exist

The learning curve continues.  But at least I have managed to get this episode uploaded and working with both picture and sound.  I am re uploading the first one to see if I can trick it into playing the game properly.

Special thanks to Fifikins of A Down Under Yarn podcast for her overwhelming praise and recommendation of my humble beginnings.  Without you Fiona I think the world would probably never have found out about me.


Log Cabin

Bendigo Woollen Mills – Bendigo Classic 8ply – 4.5mm

History of the Log Cabin

Amigurumi Hat – 8ply – 4mm hook – Pattern will be posted here when it is written up.

Amigurumi hat


Log Cabin Moderne

Dream Bird

Old FO’s

Great American Aran Afghan

Confessions of a process knitter

Aran Heirloom Blanket

What do you think – should I frog it or keep going?

Book Review

Crochet Softies

5 thoughts on “Aussieyarning Video Podcast Episode 2”

  1. Wow Joyce, I forgot how bubbly you are, great podcast. Re: unfinished afghan rug, make a nice cushion out of what you have knitted, I dont think your heart is in finishing it. You are a very clever lady

    1. Hey Stacey How did you find the podcast? I’m intrigued.

      I would love to promote your new book when you have more info about it. Don’t know if you got time to watch both of my podcasts but I told everyone about you and did book review of your Crochet Softies. Hopefully you will get a few more sales.

      How is the new house are you settled in yet?

  2. Hi Joyce, Just love watching you. So cute you are.
    Do you or have you heard of Bob Wilson she has a crochet blog? and she is from Australia.
    Bye the way I just love the way you say crochet. :). It’s different then the way we say it in the USA.
    OMG- The tea cosy is so fresh, I love it.
    I too get a bad reaction to msg.
    Your so cute I cried when you said how surprised you were about how people enjoyed your podcast. So proud of you for doing it. 🙂
    Just noticed your eyebrow piercing after jumping around from podcast to podcast. Now I have to watch them in order.
    Do you have any tattoos? 🙂
    Did I hear you say you have dogs? What kind and what are their names?
    How can you not finish that beautiful cable heirloom? Please finish it. So gorgeous.
    I posted about you on instagram about you and I got more likes for you then I did my WIP smoky mountain bear. I’m not surprised at all.
    p.s. I love the kangaroo.

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