Aussieyarning Video Podcast Episode 3

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Episode 3 Show notes


Moderne Log Cabin – Bendigo Harvest 8 ply. Calico, Laurel, Firebrick, Lichen 4.5mm.

Swatch – Rowan Felted Tweed #150 – High buttoning jacket Cleckheaton book #943

Bee Keepers Quilt 366 in 2012.

Book review Arne & Carlos Knitted Dolls with a Designer Wardrobe

Prudence Mapstone –

Hiya Hiya needles –

Fifikins yarn site –

Bandage pattern for Leprosy patients in India.  If you would like to knit them, they could be sent to me to pass on to my friend.  Send me a message at joyce at aussieyarning dot com.

bandages pattern


One thought on “Aussieyarning Video Podcast Episode 3”

  1. I love the way tweed looks. But I’m partial to tweed. To bad it wasn’t soft.
    I have not made any garments yet I’m afraid that I’d mess it up.
    Plus I’m out of work right at the moment so I couldn’t purchase the good quality yarn for it.
    So funny about all the hexi puffs. You must promise to put them together at some point. I’d love to see the finished object.
    What is it that you call the pull over? I think I call it a sweater.

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