Welcome to my play ground.  Hopefully we will have lots of fun together.  But first let me introduce myself …

My name is Joyce – aka Zoeknitgirl on Ravelry.

‘Why Zoe?’ you ask.  Zoe is a Greek word meaning ‘LIFE’.  I love life and want to live it to the full.  Or maybe a better way of describing me is a committed to the doctrine of Hedonism – described by one dictionary as the doctrine that …

a. the moral value can be defined in terms of pleasure
b. the pursuit of pleasure is the highest good
c. the pursuit of pleasure is a matter of principle

Seriously though, I am old enough now to know that half the stuff I hassled over in my earlier years just wasn’t worth it.  Life is short and as one wise person said ‘we are a long time dead’.  I am blessed to live in a wonderful country, Australia.  I am also blessed with excellent health, a loving husband, two wonderful sons and 5 adorable grand kids and a teacup Maltese dog.  I am retired and have the freedom to sit and knit all day if I so desire, which I often so desire.  ‘Housework’ is a swear word and ‘enough stash’ is a misnomer.  Funny thing though about the stash, have you ever noticed that when you want to do a new project there is nothing in your stash to suit, so of course you have to go buy more.  Right?

I learnt to knit and crochet when I was about 7 years old.  I think I was even younger when I taught myself to use a knitting machine.  As the years went by I ventured into patchwork, beading, needle felting and a variety of other (forgotten) crafts, but came back to knitting about 4 years ago when my sister and her partner were expecting their first grand child, so of course I had to knit a thing or two or three or more, for him.  I haven’t been able to stop or think of anything else since.  In the last 12 months I have also become addicted to Amigurumi and have been known to create a few ‘unusual’ tea cozies.

I belong to the Knitters’ Guild NSW and more specifically to the Maitland group.  (I am actually the convener, but modestly doesn’t allow me to mention that).   Our guild meeting is once a month, but that wasn’t enough for us, so we meet every Friday at the local club for most of the day.  I also seem to have developed an umbilical attachment to a group of people in the little village of Wollombi, which is about an hour from my place.   There is the bestest yarn store there along with the bestest knitting community.  They also have a Stitch and Bitch group that meets once a month.  Then in my spare time I also go to a knitting group on a Monday night (when I am not too tired to drive), which has more of the bestest knitters.

I am mostly a polygamist knitter/crocheter, and that is mainly because I have discovered I love the process more so than the product , but I am slowly learning to stick with most things that I have started until they are finished – emphasis on the ‘slowly’.

I have a dream of one day going to the USA for both SSK (Super Summer Knitogether) in Nashville, Tennessee with the KnitGirllls, Leslie and Laura plus Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool Festival, New York.  Since they are about 4 months apart I might need somewhere to live in between the two events.  Maybe I could go down to Hawaii and visit with Mel of Singlehandedknits, I’m sure she would find room for me!!!!!!!

That’s about it for now, until something more interesting comes up to tell you.

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